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English 467 Lecture 12 August 17 (2)

English 467 Lecture 12 August 17 (2) - English 467 Lecture...

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English 467 Lecture August 17, 2010 Courtship: Engaging in idea of female driven courtship? (feminism) Clowning Around: What do you think the fools are doing. Almost Vaughvillian in their character. (Kemp: actor in Shakespeare company). After Kemp has been replaced, serious figures come in, more serious character because person who took over Kemp was more serious, Dogberry was played by Kemp. What purpose does the Fool serve? Malvolio: consider a way to defend him. Redeem himself at the end of the play? Ground for suggesting he’s not a ridiculous as a character compared to the beginning. Servants: degree of autonomy of servants. They don’t always do what they are told to do. (something to do with age?). Adam don’t do what’s told, Mariah is pretty mischevious. What do we do with characters who act out. Relative automony, shakespeare’s view of autonomy, at least in the comedies sense. Disobiedience in a form of comedy. Feste asked, for pen from malvolio, for letter, doesn’t give letter to Olivia unitl the end of the play.
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