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English 467 Lecture 9 August 3 (2) - Beatrice doesn’t lie...

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English 467 Lecture 9 August 3, 2010 Meddlers: Don Pedro’s motive? Costumes are very elaborate, backdrop cheap, not a lot of props. Arbitrariness which Hero’s name is cleared. Borachio turn to morality 5.1.215 Single parent. Hero real relationship with her father? Not that close. Women are not given the rights in public against male pronouncements (?). Female pronouncements weight less. (ex Hero doesn’t open mouth when proposed). Issue with age with Leonato, Leonato cannot challenge anyone to a duel (instead you just laugh at him). Old (by indication of his grey beard). Masuclinity problem (old) because he is old he is quickly more swayed by younger, especially higher ranking, men. Claudio 5.1.116, laughing at a challenge of an OLD man. Shaming through calling cowardice. Issues of Trust: finding evidence if they would betray you. To prove Hero is not a whore is to marry her. Benedict given a chose to side with the woman or the men. And he switches camps. Benedict’s options is to hang out with the “dads and the women” in the play.
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Unformatted text preview: Beatrice; doesn’t lie, because doesn’t want to risk her reputation if her suspicions were right or not. The only way to maintain/prove a chaste woman is her character, reputation Cuckled, anxiety of men. Ingriedient for cucklness is sexual compatability. Anxeity of age b/t men and women, men being much older. 5.4 Hero can proclaim whatever and say whatever to have anyone believe what she says, reveale or not ot revealed. Rumored relationships vs. relationships written on paper, what makes stronger better to believe? Able to dismiss evidence of affection? With Bea and Bennie with the sonnets. It is an essence of a private realm (the sonnet) not something of a public realm. So sonnets are more believable. “116” its better to take the risk of being with a woman who is suspicious of infidelity. Play ends on a note on torcher. Why is Benedict? Makes most sense, the first to accuse DJ, the one chosen to defend Hero’s honor...
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