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English 467 Lecture 7 July 27, 2010 THE MERRY WIVES OF WIDSOR Family Life Husbands-wives Parents-children Social life “Honor”? Male spheres of friendship? Female spheres of friendship Money Quickly Public Shaming Play about middle class rural family. This a play that is closest to a “Stratford” base play. Somewhat closer to Shakespeare’s town life. Think about family life and relationships amoung members, relationship to the page’s daughter Anne. And Infidelity. Falstaff is Shakespeare’s most famous character. (used in Henry plays). Falstaff is a “jack Black” character, and he is one of the first of these. Takes popularity of a character and shifting them to another genre. Women had a lot of power in the play. What is the strongest relationship in the play, Mistress Page and Ford. (“if your husbands die, you two would marry”). Husbands replaceable. They are lacking children, can allude to why they fight a lot? Allude to a lot of reasons of stability in their relationship? No intimate husband wife relationship in play. Ford bringing the whole town to call out his wife to say that she cheated on him. Why did he make it public? Public humiliation to women. About appearance with Ford. Ford only encouraged Ford to cheat. If you concern is about Honor, then you would hide your infidelity, but instead Ford exploits it. Mistress ford really has no friends (?). Doesn’t occur ot her that if he actively impedes on her infidelity, then it impedes on her Honor. Eventhough by broadcasting he exposes himself to ridicule and public humiliation. If you uncover infidelity, why not cover it? There is no space for it in the play, he is controlling dissemination. Rural home life, homestead is a very permeable one, because the Balif is allowed to enter the
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English 467 Lecture 7 July 27 (2) - English 467 Lecture 7...

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