English 467 Lecture 5 July 20 (2)

English 467 Lecture 5 July 20 (2) - English 467 Lecture 5...

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English 467 Lecture 5 July 20, 2010 MERCHANT OF VENICE What makes Merchant of Venice Comedic, No one dies, -> shylock dies as a Jew. Shylock’s family dies, Jessica’s Judaism, Male friendship dies, the other’s (prince of morocco, Aragon, etc.). Wittiness in puns, but not modern form of “funny”. Themeatized cross-dressing Marriages, weddings are made halfway through and it becomes this aftermath wifes tale. This aftermath quality taking in comedies where weddings becomes this unseen distant thing but in comedy it includes the aftermath of the marriage. Male friendship has to be mitigated in order for comedy to hold out. Male friendship and male friendship that must be negated. Scapegoating; Women have control of the marriage in this play. Baptize as a Christian to become a Christian, you also need a God – father to convert person into a Christian. Possible to claim to convert to Christianity but not really be Christian. Shylock path to conversion, very complicated. Jessica path to conversion, not very complicated. Why is her conversion experience different from Shylock’s? Conversion doesn’t seem complicated because of marriage. Easier for women to convert to Christianity than it is for a man. Conversion has a comedic form to it. Shylock is proof against this comedy quality by the fact that he is forced to convert. Shakespeare plays on this idea that if women are put together in a nunnery, there is no worry when women are together but there is a worry of people getting into the nunnery. But if men are
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English 467 Lecture 5 July 20 (2) - English 467 Lecture 5...

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