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English 467 Lecture 4 July 13, 2010 Take passage and connect it to the larger thematic of the play. Interesting words in passage that connect to larger thematic. Comment significance or interesting in passage. DON’T SUMMERIZE!! You can only do that a little. (look for paradox in the play) IMPETUOUS NESS OF YOUNG LOVE, MARRIED LOVE, ISSUES OF IDENTITY. e.x. A midsummer night’s dream Act II Scene I line 202 Helena’s speech e.x. of summarize She suggests utter submissiveness and low-self regard. Ties in idea of love and pre-courtship love that is played on them. Nature of love and courtship, when we can’t have something, we desire something a little bit more. (look for paradox in the play). The way in which people think the only thing that matters is the love object that they invest, message, if you focus only on love object, it is bad because that is only something you hold. Helena thinks she knows what she wants but what she wants is different from what it is from the beginning of the play. (All you are thinking is about your love object). What happens if you present yourself as a subservient person to another, you then don’t become interesting. Roles can switch. Any figure can take position of the subject of any other figure in the play. Look for what is missing in the play, that is your opening for making a larger claim for the play. Play of the women in the play. Women get paired to the lovers of their choosing. “In the end you train the spaniel”. Use of magic. IDENTIFY VERBS, underline all the verbs. There is an interesting progression of verbs in the lines. All are verbs of submission, of selfabjection, one thing we can do is think of the degree of the cynical idea of love. Possibility of polygamous love.
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English 467 Lecture 4 July 13 (2) - English 467 Lecture 4...

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