English 467 Lecture 3 July 8 (2)

English 467 Lecture 3 July 8 (2) - English 467 Lecture 3...

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English 467 Lecture 3 July 8, 2010 Taming of the Shrew (Kate’s ending speech and the alternate ending) Katherine’s final speech: Paradoxes, unintended irony? Line 150-154, irony to the pains and labor is not within a gentleman? Gentleman was considered “lazy” because didn’t do much hard labor. Men stayed away from labor, only midwives are the only attendants. Kate reads the final speech with a kind of sarcastic tone. Corridors, 18 th century invention, room to get to room. Being alone is a privilege. Petruccio’s kiss with Kate? What about that? Moments when two people are alone, what occurs, what signifies, what does it do, why do they say or do what they do or say? They kiss. Meaning that the kiss between Petruccio and Kate is mutual. What does the kiss do after the speech of Kate? Brackets indicate stage directions that the editors have added. Puritan uncomformality with boy actors as girls, a homoerotic sense of the play as you see woman through boy. Alternate ending: Problem, when sly thinks about taming, he could possibly be thinking about abuse. He probably isn’t a character who doesn’t have the capacity to abuse someone verbally, but one who would take on more of a physical abuse. Surrogate woo’ing Idea (like that Lucentio has), someone approaching a love interest on your behalf. In a culture where interactions between man and woman is very structured, and there is a heightened concerned of social interaction. Shakespeare is interested, is “I’ll woo on your behalf but I’m really woo’ing on my own behalf”, love interest changes. Much to do about nothing, it’s better for someone else to woo for you, so you have someone who is in a less interested position to woo for you, and it can be sometimes better, because the person who sends
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English 467 Lecture 3 July 8 (2) - English 467 Lecture 3...

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