English 467 Lecture 2 July 6 (2) - English 467 Lecture 2...

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English 467 Lecture 2 July 6, 2010 “Shakespearean comedy” by Katharine Maus Features of Shakespearean Comedy (what are things he is interested in generating comedy) -Laughing at people (cruel) -Presence of the fool; Grumio (in taming of the shrew) -Identity swapping, (stability of Identity) -Marriage, arrangement of marriage, courtship -Domestic -multiple plots (marriage plots) - Plotting, Trickery, conspiring -Flirtation -Community Building at the expense of someone England only males allowed on stage. But audience would vary between male and female and social statuses. People who referenced go to London for theatre from outside of England show a surprise of no female actress. Aristocrate: Dowry, if you pay for dowry, then you are no longer liable of finances with wives. Arranged marriages for Dowry is not common in England at the time, only for wealthy people, or people who seek wealth. People overlook financial marriages all the time. IDENTITY Swapping Relationship between what characters are set up and what characters who are taking their social normal status. Gremio is old and likes a younger woman, man who doesn’t seem to “have a chance”. Seen as a fool for being able to have a younger character. Stock character. What does it mean for fools to be male characters? If you own land outside of London. Make money by raising sheep, making wool. Less land more need for Sheppard less money you make. THE TAMING OF THE SHREW Lord, has no empathetic feelings for Sly. Lord doesn’t not reveal concern for the character of Sly in his state. The Lord: how he values for Sly as a human being seeing him in his state, he wanted to play a game with him. Tranio being able to play the role of aristocrat perfectly.
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English 467 Lecture 2 July 6 (2) - English 467 Lecture 2...

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