History of Art 240 Lecture 13 August 2 (2)

History of Art 240 Lecture 13 August 2 (2) - History of Art...

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History of Art 240 Lecture 13 August 2, 2010 Know Autun: (last judgement) Cathedral, Vezelay, church; (pentacost) Virgin saint., Moissac Abbey, St. Peter, Cluney like, last judgement. Trumeau Jamb Lintel Peter (paul) (Jeremiah) Isaiah : old testament on the (right?) and new testament on the (left?) of Christ. NORMAN ENGLAND King William and Wife Mithilda, northern france, Normandy. Capital at Caen. Found a monastery of St. Etienne. ST. ETIENNE, CAEN, FRANCE. Close to looking like St. sennay in Touluse. Interior, Elevation: alternating columns. Double with single columns. Set up in pairs of two base. Alternating columns gives you a tripartied ceiling (Tripartied vault). Big galleries, and a deep clear story. Three levels, two big arched galleries, and then a molding that runs down the length of the nave. Matching arches which bring it up. Visual pattern goes straight up. Visual pattern that drives straight through the nave. In the Galleries, double mouldings of the arches. Façade: distinctive of Normand architecture, it is clear in terms of the structure. Nothing extra going on. Just the molding that creates the rhythem of the horizontal and vertical push. Just about the structure of the building. You can see the clear three stories with the same molding from the interior form the exterior, arches, and buttresses. All about structure. Façade and how it is similar to interior design (of nave). Division of space being Romanesque. On the side aisles. Central dome. MOSTLY KNOW THE ELEVATION AND THE FAÇADE. William the Conqueror because he conquerors the Saxons, (the English). William dies leaves kingdom to Herold, Herold made an oath to William that the Kingdom will be under Herold upon his death based on his fealty. THE BAYEUX TAPESTRY (Bayeux Embroidery) Normandy 1070
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History of Art 240 Lecture 13 August 2 (2) - History of Art...

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