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History of Art 240 Lecture 6 July 14 (2)

History of Art 240 Lecture 6 July 14 (2) - History of Art...

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History of Art 240 Lecture 6 July 14, 2010 FIND OUT WHAT BASCILLICA IS!!! ASPECTS OF BASCILLICA Caffex(?) of St. Columba, went to war over the illegitimate copy of a book. This book becomes a founding legend of the monastery. These monastery in Ireland and northern England is where most of these books are copied. Things going directly from Rome to Ireland and northern England. Avoiding tracks of the fighting of the barbarians. Book of Durrow , Red and yellow Some of the ideas of people in Ireland and northern England have a different aspect of Christianity because they are far off from Rome. Different literagy, come to conflict with Rome. Sinod of Whitby, BC 663, The guy’s hair (St. matthew) is a celtic cut, not a roman cut. Abstract figure and how it relates to the frame. (more about medieval art). Circular flow, and the wedges corresponde to the holes, the curves of shoulder correlates with curve of the tangles in the frame. “Man of Matthew”. Why it matters (man of matthew) is that it is an additional level of abstraction. In the book of Durrow the actual author symbol is gone. Beasts of Apocalypse: become the beasts associated with and symbols for four evangelists Matthew: Angel Mark: Lion Luke: Ox John: Eagle (Lion of John-mistake-): The top and bottom frame bring a horizontal thrust of the picture of the animal. Type of High symbolism Ardagh Chalice: same idea of Viking linking style, border of filigury. Ox of Luke and Carpet page. Carpet page is the first page that faces the gospel, it serves as a kind of meditative space, because of the interlace and intricate design and abstract element that serves as a pause for this monastic and meditative context. Incipit page of John: even of the letter, and the design of the initial, different kind of script being used and the ornamentation of the word of “God”, ornamenting something sacred. Book of Kells One of the most elaborate of the incipit books. Lindisfahren is more blue and yellow. This is more darkish color, green and gold, taking off of Viking design, with animals continually fluid throughout and “biting” each other, interlacing design. Geometrical pockets and shapes. INCIPIT of Matthew: taking super geometric element, puts a human element back into the geometric element, whereas the book of Durrow didn’t have that human element. Usage of red, yellow, and orange. They do different things in the book of kells, has a metal work quality, flat, sharp and darkish colors. VIRGIN and child: Pulling back Roman models
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CAROLINGIAN ART: CHARLEMAGNE Charlemagne, famous king revolutionized Europe around 8 th and 9 th century. Conquered, France, Netherlands, western Germany, parts of Hungry, Czech republic etc.
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History of Art 240 Lecture 6 July 14 (2) - History of Art...

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