History of Art 240 Lecture 3 July 07 (2)

History of Art 240 Lecture 3 July 07 (2) - History of Art...

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History of Art 240 Lecture 3 July 07, 2010 What is a codex? A bind and folded piece of literature. Between 1300, 1400, the codex began its usage, Papyrus was used previously, papyrus does not keep very well. Medium changes the appearance of an image or influences the image. Papyrus: a reed that grows a lot in the middle east. It is sliced, layered, and then woven. It basically is a leaf. Images are limited because of the technology of the paint. A Roll: a roll doesn’t keep well also. It rolls out. It rolls. Roll back Codex: It has a spine, and the pieces are flat. Flip pages, glossary, appendix, Images and color. Kindle: Electronic device used for reading. Scroll down to read, push button to change pages, One page at a glance or not. Black and white images. Imitates the page of the codex. Has cross referencing. Writing Mediums only are used for aspects of culture, like religion. Diety holding a scroll, meaning that he has knowledge, he knows something, sign of authority or learning. Economic, religious, authoritative text, etc. What gets illustrated, when, and why. Kapsa: Box where you keep scrolls. Parchment: is the skin of a cow. (Vellum is a nicer piece of parchment). A standard Cow skin makes 8 pages. How you put a book together not only effects how you read, but also the reading practices and the value within the culture. Empress has books because they can afford these expensive stuff. Herbal book, had a medical setting because of the usage of medicine. How books are used for different purposes. Purpose of herbal knowledge. Needs image for identification and yet give it poetic language.
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History of Art 240 Lecture 3 July 07 (2) - History of Art...

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