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CNT 3004 – Homework 7 1. A compromise that attempts to reduce collisions, like nonpersistent, and reduce idle time, like 1-persistent, is p- persistent 2. A problem with non-persistent CSMA is that capacity is wasted because the medium will generally remain idle following the end of a transmission, even if there are one or more stations waiting to transmit 3. In random-access methods, no station is superior to another station and none is assigned the control over another. 4. In slotted ALOHA each station is forced to send only at the beginning of the time slot. 5. In CSMA / CD a station monitors the medium after it sends a frame to see if the transmission was successful. If so, the station is finished. If, however, there is a collision, the frame is sent again. 6. In pure ALOHA each station sends a frame whenever it has a frame to send. 7. In CSMA/CA collisions are avoided through the use of three strategies: the interframe space, the contention window, and acknowledgments. 8.
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