CNT 3004 - Notes - 5-20 - CNT 3004 5/18/10 Process needs to...

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CNT 3004 5/18/10 Process – needs to be running to be called a process. A program that is running Port 80 is a well-known port P2P has not fixed clients or servers MAN –Metropolitan Area Network – named b/c they started using cable TV to provide the Internet Service. There are specific protocols that they use for this type of network. Internetwork – networks within a network, there are two architectural models. EX: network in tampa and Los Angelos can be connected through and internetwork. Design Issues – Addressing, Error Control, Routing, Flow Control, Multiplexing. Routing – determining the way to transmit information/data the fastest way possible –routing the information Data is just 1’s and 0’s. information has been processed to convey a meaning. If you put data in context it is information. Example: Phone number and IP address. Data communication. There are five components of data communication. Protocol, Sender, Message, Medium, Receiver. You need rules to process/ encode or decode information. Two parties communicating in different formats. Needs rules for communicating between two parties like this. There are 3 directions of data. Simplex, Half-Duplex, and Full Duplex 5/20/10 Ch. 2 Network Models Services – post office example Pg 4, 2.7 from tannubam SNA emulation – IBM . SNA = System Network Architecture The internet started with the ARPAnet OSI – Open Systems Interconnection = OSI model ISO - International Standards Organization – organization. Not the model Design Issues for the Layers – Addressing, Error control, flow control, multiplexing, routing Each level was explained somewhat. Physical is how bits are sent.
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CNT 3004 - Notes - 5-20 - CNT 3004 5/18/10 Process needs to...

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