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Chapter 9 Homework - CIS 3003 Homework 9 1. Fiber optic...

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CIS 3003 – Homework 9 1. Fiber optic cables are used for which of the following? THE INTERNET’S CORE TRANSMISSION BACKBONE, TRANSOCEANIC CABLE, MEDICAL IMAGING 2. A nineteenth-century device constructed by Alexander Graham Bell that demonstrated how sound could be transmitted via an optical beam traveling through free space was called: THE PHOTOPHONE 3. The concentric configuration of fiber optic cable is called what kind of arrangement? COAXIAL 4. The light signal carrying information through fiber optic cable essentially travels through which of the following? CORE 5. The diameter of the core of a fiber optic cable can range from A COUPLE OF MICROMETERS TO A COUPLE OF MILLIMETERS 6. Which of the following is a measure of the speed of light through a material? INDEX OF REFRACTION (IOR)/REFRACTIVE INDEX (RI) 7. Light travels fastest in: A COMPLETE VACUUM 8. Which of the following is the speed of light in a vacuum? 300,000,000 METERS PER SECOND 9. TIR may be considered to be an extreme case of:
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