Peron readings 10-6-10 - Chapter 6 The Ideological and...

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The Ideological and Political Strategy of Peronism in its Bid to Take and Retain Power (1945-55) Introduction · Second stage was when populist Peronist discourse developed o Two substages § When Peron first took power he didn’t establish gender differences § Wouldn’t be until he took power, esp the importance of female support during second presidential election · First time argentine woman could vote Prolegomena-stage to prepare for taking power · 6/16/1945-owners of capital joined forces with landowners to oppose the Statute of the Peon o Entire trade and worker industry opposed this with ads in press. o Many members of trade union were women o When Peron made speech to labour unions on 7/12/45 he only mention “working men” § “Whatever you do, don’t forget this watchword: “from home to work, and from work to home”. Remember that and we’ll win” (178) Nosotros, por nuestra parte, seguiremos vigilantes y listos para actuar si es necesario. Vosotros, en cambio, transitad la consigna Del trabajo a casa y de casa al trabajo. Largest mass demonstration at Plaza de Mayo after Peron was arrested on October 13 o On October 17, Peron brought back to capital 17 October The extent of women’s participation has been largely ignored. Many women felt that women won their right to take part in national politics by their massive and vocal presence in events of Oct. 45. (179) o Supposedly, it was Eva who made it happen “Yo no estuve en la cárcel con él; pero aquellos ocho días me duelen todavía; y más, mucho más, quesi los hubiese podido pasar en su compañía, compartiendo su angustia. Al partir me recomendó que estuviese tranquila…. . Arriba conocí únicamente corazones fríos, calculadores, "prudentes"corazones de "hombres comunes"incapaces de pensar o de hacer nada extraordinario, corazones cuyo contacto me dio náuseas, asco y vergüenza” (La Razon de mi Vida pg. 6) Women’s presence “the new authority and strength of their sex”
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Peron readings 10-6-10 - Chapter 6 The Ideological and...

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