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p&p notes hoyoung - P&P 09.30 Lecture midterm on 21th...

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P&P 09.30 Lecture midterm on 21th Another way to test the MVT : Do candidates converge? - Project Vote Smart NPAT survey 200+ positions PPA Week4 Figure 2 - Significance of 45 degree line. Where alll points should be if all candidates converge Not coverging at all - Democrats more liberal than republican except for one point below 45 angle - Republicans clustered in more conservative Notes on REAding Regression Tables. - Slope(coefficient) reports how much the dependent variable (candidate ideology) changes when the explanatory variable (district ideology) changes by 1 unit - Recall: Y= A+BX (equation of the line) - A: Y intercept, B: Slope of the line, Excel: BX+A - HW: draw the linear line in the second homework assignment; email rct leader - Standard error gives your measure of how precisely the line fits the data points Rule of thumb: slope is nonzero with 95% probability if slope is 2x standard error Figure 1 Candidate positioning in 1996 District conservation - Senator Dole (Democratic) - Line: relationship between candidate ideology and district ideology - Nonzero positive slope at least 95% confidence - Democrat Movement between the line is small in response to district conservatism - Republican .55~.8 - Democrat, republican in totally different places clustered differently. -
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p&p notes hoyoung - P&P 09.30 Lecture midterm on 21th...

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