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Assignment # 1 The spreadsheet posted under “Democracy and Infant Mortality” contains data on political institutions and infant mortality outcomes for 177 countries in 1999. The “Democracy” score ranges from 0 to 1, with 1 representing political leaders that are the most accountable to majorities, and 0 those leaders that are the least accountable. This measure is also known as “W” in the work of BDM et al ( The Logic of Political Survival , 2003). Infant mortality is measured by the World Bank as the annual number of deaths of infants under 1 year of age per 1000 infants. Please make an Excel scatterplot chart of this data that conforms to the following
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Unformatted text preview: parameters: 1. Democracy/W on the x (horizontal) axis; this axis should run from 0 to 1. 2. Infant Mortality on the y (vertical) axis; this axis should run from 0 to 180. 3. A “trendline” (linear) imposed on top of the scatterplot; this trendline summarizes the relationship between the two data series. 4. Appropriate titles for the x and y axes, and for the chart itself. 5. Black markers for the scatterplot (so they show up when you print). Please also write a few sentences (no more than a paragraph!) about how the chart helps you to understand infant mortality levels in the United States....
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