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PPAAssignment2 - the relationship between the two data...

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Assignment # 2 The spreadsheet posted under “Democracy and GDP” contains data on GDP per capita and infant mortality outcomes for the 25 wealthiest democracies (i.e., those with a democracy score of 1) in 1999. Please make an Excel scatterplot chart of this data that conforms to the following parameters: 1. GDP per capita on the x (horizontal) axis; this axis should run from 10000 to 55000. 2. Infant Mortality on the y (vertical) axis; this axis should run from 3 to 7. 3. A “trendline” (linear) imposed on top of the scatterplot; this trendline summarizes
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Unformatted text preview: the relationship between the two data series. 4. Appropriate titles for the x and y axes, and for the chart itself. 5. Black markers for the scatterplot (so they show up when you print). 6. On your printout please label the data point for the United States. Please also write a few sentences (no more than a paragraph!) about how this chart helps you to further understand infant mortality levels in the United States....
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