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Texts and Ideas: Antiquity and the 19 th Century Prof. Friedrich Ulfers (Fall 2010) Response Paper #1: Due in lecture Wednesday, 6 October 2010 Write a 6-page paper addressing ONE of the following questions: 1.) In what sense is the character Antigone emblematic of the “tragic worldview”? Why does Antigone renounce Creon’s judgment separating the “wicked” (Polyneices) from the “just” (Eteocles)? How does Antigone’s notion of a “Justice, which lives with those below” differ from the conception of justice promulgated by Creon? Does her position better illustrate the law of contraries or the law of non-contradiction ? Explain. 2.) In what sense is the character Creon emblematic of the “tragic worldview”? Analyze Creon’s statements concerning the nature of “Law” and “Justice” as well as his attitudes about religion and morality. Why does Creon think it is necessary to punish Antigone? Does his view with respect to these matters change by the play’s end (if so, why)?
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