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antigone note for myself essay - discipline So we must...

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Creaon is emblematic of tragic worldview? Law, Justice, Attitude toward religion,morality, Why necessary to punish antigone? View change by end? Law of contraries vs law of contradiction Pg 167 bind knoledge, soul intelligence with rule and law Pg 168 “God is my witness” Law; “never by me shall the wicked man have precedence in honor over just” Morlity, justice > him giving honor. Yet its ironic how his honor = just, moraly correct Pg178 antigone Zeus=justice Creon has no power 179 ; makes that evil look like good 181; antigone; the god of death demands these rites for both after death creon has no authority Creon’s law; good man does not seek an equal share only with the bad. 183: “you were right in the eyes of one party, I in the other.” 185 Chorus: With wisdom has someone declared a word of distiction: that evil seems good to one whose mind the god leads to ruin, 187 Creon”There Is nothing worse than disobedience t oauthority. It destorys cities, it demolishes homes; it breaks and routs one’s allies. Of successful lives the most of them are saved by
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Unformatted text preview: discipline. So we must stand on the side of the orderly we cannot give victory to a woman. If we must accept defeat, let it be from a man; we must not let people say that a women beat us. Hamon: “I certainly could not declare you wrong….but there might be something useful that some other than you might thin.” ( Hamon law of contraris, creon; law of non-contradiction) 188 A man who think that he alone is right, or what he says or what he is himelf……. .for a man, though he be wise, it si no shame to learn-learn many things and not maintain his views too rigidly. 190 your acts are mistaken and unjust. There is no reverence in trampling on God’s honor. C: am I mistaken, reverencing my office, your nature is vile, in yielding to a women. 204; I am afriad it might be best….old accepted laws. 210 cReon repent 212 chorus; wisdom is far the chief element in happiness...
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