art history final exam

art history final exam - Romanticism Francisco Goya, Family...

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Romanticism Francisco Goya, Family of Charles IV, Romanticism - life sized depiction - modeled on velazquez las meninas - artist is shown working on the portrait - disinclination to flatter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, “Napoleon on the Imperial Throne”, Romanticism - student of Jacques-Louis David - archaic modes of imperial representation. Didn’t follow baroque tradition - influenced by Jan van Eyck, Raphael Eugene Delacroix, The Women of Algeirs - source of inspiration for impressionism - sexual connotation; prostitutes, opium - orientalism; view of muslim harem Turner, Slave Ship - romantic landscape painter who loved violence - slaves being overthrown - asymeteric composition Constable, Hay Wain - idyllic lanscpae painting - ranked with turner as best - picturesque, fine colors, worked outside - nature as subject of painting Millet, The Gleaners - monumentalizing lowest rank of rural society - co-founder of barbizon school - shifted the focus to low life. anonymity - social realism, received criticism at first Fuseli, Nightmare - overt sexuality, anticipating Freudian ideas about subconsciousness Nadar, Portrait of Charles Baudelaire - first aerial photography - daguerreotype; first successful photogrphy process Gustave Courbet, Stone Breakers, Social realism - work of social realism depicting two peasants - ordinary people without romanticization Edouard Manet, Luncheon on the Grass, impressionism - scandalous for nude - started impressionism inspired youngs but refused the term impressionist for his work - no depth of field Claude Monet, Women in the Garden, impressionism - painted outside finished in studio - fit people into landscape, rough brushstroke, sunlight, shadow - impressionist, capturing the moment, landscape painter
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art history final exam - Romanticism Francisco Goya, Family...

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