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art history midterm paper renaissance - Hoyoung Yang...

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Hoyoung Yang Introduction to Art History 07.14.10 Essay Question #2 The “rebirth” of art in Italy was connected with the rediscovery of ancient philosophy, science, and emergence of new patterns of thought. The Renaissance in Italy, as defined in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, is the transitional movement that began in the 14 th century Italy that is characterized by Humanistic revival of classical influence that lasted into the 17 th century. 1 Humanism changed the way society viewed human roles and objectives in the universe. These changes of view of the society also affected the art in Italy. People began to attribute man’s capabilities to men, not to god. Artists took interest in human forms and its anatomical correctness. In addition, the revived interest in the Greco-Roman cultures, interest in human activities led to rise of new themes for artists to draw upon other than religious motives. Art became increasingly secular to some degree. Though many experts still dispute over whether the Italian Renaissance is just drawing upon older cultures or a period of innovative ideas, it is undisputable that Humanism had a great impact on the Renaissance art in Italy. Humanism is considered as the most important intellectual movement that emerged during the Renaissance. As the name implies, humanism is characterized by its emphasis on history and actions of all human beings and their influence on the world. Humanists thought that all men deserved respect and worth. Humanism made human beings, not god, the center of attention. Unlike many other medieval art that portrayed men as “comic strip” characters whose only reason to live is for the glory of God the their afterlife, Renaissance art portrayed 1 “Renaissance”, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 12 Jul. 2010 < http://www.merriam- ,>
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the human body as beauty as of its own. Moreover, Renaissance philosophers believed that humans were intelligent creatures capable of reasoning, and not as mindless pawns being
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art history midterm paper renaissance - Hoyoung Yang...

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