ESPM 50 - Extra credit - documentary films - F_09

ESPM 50 - Extra credit - documentary films - F_09 - ESPM 50...

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ESPM 50 - Extra credit: Documentary films There are many great extra credit films out there: documentaries, shorts, and features. Here are some suggestions for documentaries. 1) Many films are available at the Media Resource Center in the basement of Moffitt Library. The Ethnic studies and American West collections have many interesting films. You can also find a great variety of films at Reel Video at 2655 Shattuck. 2) PBS documentaries . For more information, see: Start with two series by Ken Burns American stories: The West : Also see these series: American Experience: Becoming American: The Chinese Experience: *Part one of this series will be shown in class and can’t be used for extra credit You can also view archived stories from the following PBS television series: Now: The Newshour: Frontline: Other recommended PBS documentaries: America 1900 America at the turn of the century. Battle for Wilderness (no web site available) The first major battle for wilderness preservation. Chicago: City of the Century Chicago rose from a swampy frontier town to become the quintessential American city of the nineteenth century. Citizen King Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has become a mythic figure, a minister whose oratory is etched into the minds of millions of Americans. This film brings fresh insights to King's difficult journey, his leadership, and his impact. Daughter from Danang The dramatic story of a Vietnamese mother, her Amerasian daughter, and their reunion 22 years after the Vietnam War. Do You Mean There Are Still Real Cowboys? (no web site available) 1
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A year in the life of Wyoming cowboys. The Donner Party A haunting story of westward expansion. A Family Gathering (no web site available) The personal journey of three generations of a Japanese American family. Fatal Flood A dramatic story of greed, power and race during one of America's greatest natural disasters. Forbidden City, USA
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ESPM 50 - Extra credit - documentary films - F_09 - ESPM 50...

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