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ESPM 50 - F_10 - WR - week 6

ESPM 50 - F_10 - WR - week 6 - Weekly reflections Week 6...

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Weekly reflections: Week 6 questions See the weekly reflections assignment sheet for guidelines 1. Eric Wolf describes the impact of incorporation into the fur trade for a number of Native American tribes. Compare and contrast the experiences of two tribes, using both the concept of dependency discussed in lecture and Donald Wortster’s model of environmental history to analyze the interaction of changes in nature, culture and society. 2. In 1893 Frederick Jackson Turner described the ‘frontier’ as a process that he saw as “the line of most effective and rapid Americanization.” Answer one of the following questions concerning this statement: a. How does this statement reflect specific myths of American democracy and identity? b. Patricia Nelson Limerick and other New Western historians contend that the American frontier should be understood in terms of place-specific histories, rather than as a universal process that defines American identity. How does this argument reflect the
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  • Fall '10
  • Native Americans in the United States, Resource Management, Native American tribes, Krech, Krech’s argument, reflections assignment sheet

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