ESPM 50 - Final paper assignment sheet - F_10

ESPM 50 - Final paper assignment sheet - F_10 - ESPM 50...

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1 ESPM 50 – Final paper Fall 2010 Assignment: Write a 6 page paper on almost any topic addressing a significant course theme. Components due date grade value 1) Topic paragraph and question(s): week 11 in section 10 points 2) Outline and bibliography: week 12 in section 30 points 3) First draft: week 14 in section 60 points 4) Final draft: Dec 6 th by 6pm on bspace 150 points Topic paragraph and preliminary question(s) : Submit a brief summary of your paper topic and offer a preliminary question that you plan to use to formulate a thesis. Outline, thesis statement and preliminary bibliography : Submit an outline of your paper that includes a thesis statement that you will use to frame your argument and a properly formatted bibliography of references that you plan to cite. First draft : Submit a draft of your final paper in which you build on your original or a revised outline to create a well-developed argument. This should be as close as you can get to a final draft in every respect. Your GSI will return the draft to you within a week with constructive feedback, so that you can refine your ideas and argument, improve the paper’s organization and form, and address any substantive issues before you submit the final draft. Follow the format, source, citation and bibliography guidelines for the final draft. Final draft requirements: 1) Format : 6 pages, double-spaced with 12-point font and 1” margins. The first page should include the paper title, your name, the date, and your GSI’s name. Use no cover sheet. 2) Sources : You must use at least four references that are available in print format. If these sources also are available in electronic format, you may use and cite the electronic resources. At least two of these references must be from outside the syllabus. Sources may include: Scholarly, peer reviewed academic books and journals. o For a guidelines on evaluating sources, see: . Creative arts : literary, visual, dramatic, musical, and electronic arts, etc. Primary sources : historical newspapers and documents, diaries, maps, material sources, etc. o
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ESPM 50 - Final paper assignment sheet - F_10 - ESPM 50...

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