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ESPM 50 - WR 8 - book assignment - F_10

ESPM 50 - WR 8 - book assignment - F_10 - Weekly...

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1 Weekly reflections – Week 11 – book assignment Answer one of the following questions addressing your chosen book. Your answer should be presented in the same form as any other 1-page weekly reflection, but will be graded on a 40-point (rather than 10-point) scale. A brief quiz on your book will be given in section. So read the entire book, and be prepared to discuss it in class. If you don’t read the book, please don’t try to fake an answer - take the zero on the weekly reflections and go to section anyway. If it appears that you have submitted a weekly reflections paper but have not read the book, it will be noted on your paper and you will be asked to check with your GSI to make sure that you have read the book. I. “Identity” – in terms of self-understanding and the social construction of the group(s) with which individuals identify – is a theme that is common to all of the book options. Describe and use examples to demonstrate how a specific character in the book that you read develops, explores and/or expresses identity by answering two of the following questions: 1) How does the character draw on cultural heritage, traditions or myth to make sense of his/her experiences? 2) What role is played by the natural world in shaping the character’s identity? 3) How is the character incorporated into American society in terms of the models of incorporation discussed in Unit I?
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