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Sheet1 Page 1 Quiz 9 X-ray bursters are caused by a process similar to the process in which other object? Nova Correct. The only difference in the process for a nova and an X-ray burster is that a nova occurs when a white dwarf is in a bin a What defines the event horizon of a black hole? The radius at which the escape speed equals the speed of light Yes. Within the event horizon, nothing can escape. Outside of it, objects can escape only if they are traveling fast enough. Se e What do the observed locations of gamma-ray bursts tell us about them? They must be extra-galactic because they occur everywhere in the sky. Yes. Because they are found in all directions, gamma-ray bursts must originate outside of our Galaxy. See Section 22.4. What will happen to an isolated neutron star that accumulates more than about 3 solar masses of material? It will overcome the neutron degeneracy in its interior and form a black hole. Yes. The "Chandrasekhar limit" of 3 solar masses applies to isolated stars, ignores the effects of magnetism and rotation, and
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