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Sheet1 Page 1 PHYS 1902 Quiz 4 Why does the surface of the Sun appear to have a sharp edge? The photosphere is thin compared to the other atmospheric regions. Correct. The thinness of the photosphere makes the Sun a What is the primary source of energy for the Sun? Hydrogen fusion. Yes. Hydrogen fusing into helium is the primary energy source. During periods of low solar activity just after solar minimum, what is true of the location and distribution of sunspots? They tend to cluster at high solar latitudes. Correct. When solar activity is at a minimum, sunspots cluster at high latitudes. Th e The helium produced from the fusion of hydrogen has less mass than the hydrogen that goes into its formation. What happen s It is converted into energy. Correct. The missing matter, converted into energy, accounts for the entire energy output of the Su n Approximately how many times more massive than Earth is the Sun? 300,000. Correct. The Sun is 332,000 times more massive than Earth. Refer to Section 16.1 for more information.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the surface temperature of the Sun? 5780 K. Correct. Refer to Section 16.1 and the Sun Data table for more information. What is the term for loops or sheets of glowing gas ejected from active regions on the solar surface? Prominences. Correct. Refer to Section 16.5 for more information. Granulation is evidence of what phenomenon? Convection in the solar interior. Correct. Convection occurs just below the photosphere. Hot material wells up from within the S What is the common cause of sunspots, flares, and prominences? Magnetic fields. Correct. Magnetic fields are involved in producing all three phenomena. Refer to Section 16.4 for more inform a What is the "solar neutrino problem"? Too few neutrinos are detected on Earth compared to the number a solar model predicts. Correct. The standard solar model p...
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