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Brown Out Lab - Patrick Mooney Brown Out Objective The...

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Patrick Mooney Brown Out Objective: The purpose of this lab is to investigate the charging and discharging of a capacitor through a bulb. Procedure: Connect a battery pack, two long bulbs, and a blue capacitor. Leave one wire (lead) to the battery disconnected. Now close the circuit by connecting the lead to the battery and time how long the bulb remains lit. You are now charging a capacitor. Disconnect the leads from the battery and remove the battery from the circuit. Connect the two leads that were connected to the battery to each other as shown in Figure B. Record the length of time the bulbs remain lit. This process is called discharging the capacitor. Replace the long bulbs in the circuit with round bulbs and charge the capacitor. Record the length of time the bulbs remain lit. Remove the battery from the circuit as in Step 2 and discharge the capacitor through the round bulbs. Record the time the bulbs remain lit. Charge the capacitor through two long bulbs.
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