shark attack 15-20 - h

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon text 15. The order of reattachment begins with the reattachment of the bone because it is the base of the structure of the arm. Then the muscles would be grafted together, as well as the skin. Next, the surgeons would reattach the blood vessels together, and once a pulse would occur in his wrist, the doctors would begin to reattach the nerves. 16. The movements that come from the muscles of the arm come from the biceps, triceps, and deltoids. The biceps flex the arm at the elbow joint while the triceps extends the arm at the elbow joint. The deltoids abduct the entire arm at the shoulder joint. The pectoralis major also flexes and adducts the arm, and the latissimus dorsi muscles extend, adduct and rotate the arm medially. Also, the two flexor carpi muscles flex the wrist and the three extensor carpi muscles extend the wrist. These muscles also abduct or adduct the wrist as
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shark attack 15-20 - h

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