Syllabus – Land and Resource Economics-2

Syllabus – Land and Resource Economics-2 -...

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Syllabus – Land and Resource Economics (Econ 148) Spring Quarter 2010 Tuesday and Thursday 8:10 – 9:30 HMNSS 1503 Instructor Richard Arnott Office Sproul 4106 Course site iLearn E-mail [email protected] Phone 951-827-1581 Office hours Monday and Friday 3 – 4 or by appointment Textbook and Readings: The principal textbook in the course is Denise DiPasquale and William C. Wheaton. Urban Economics and Real Estate Markets. 1996. Prentice- Hall I encourage you to purchase the paperback version of the book. Some material in the textbook is somewhat advanced. I shall therefore be supplementing some lectures with my own notes. And some lectures will draw on an urban economics textbook: Arthur O’Sullivan. Urban Economics, 7 th edition. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. There is a website for the book: It provides powerpoint presentations with figures, tables, and maps, for all chapters in the book. If you choose to purchase a copy of the book, I advise you to purchase the international, paperback edition, which is much cheaper. Course Description: This course will cover a fairly standard set of topics related to land and resource economics. Since my area of expertise is urban economics, the material on land economics will emphasize the urban context, in particular urban land and housing markets. The emphasis will be applying microeconomic theory to the study of land and resource markets. Policy issues will be touched on throughout the course but shall be incidental rather than central. The course will be roughly divided into four parts: i) land economics; ii) housing economics; iii) real estate economics; and iv) natural resource economics.
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Syllabus – Land and Resource Economics-2 -...

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