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Serc room111 Exam Outer membrane Inter membrane (cristae) Matrix Formation of Acetyl CoEnzyme A Citric Acid(Krebs Cycle) Has all the CO2 Have we used any oxygen Oxydative phosphorylation electrons carried by nadh and fadh2 will be ultimately transferred to oxygen electrons are passed down to the mitochondrial electron transport chain energy will be released and will be used to form ATP How is ATP made in oxydative phosphorylation? Mechanism is: Electron transport and Chemiosmosis One NADH yields 3 ATPs One FADH2 yields 2 ATPs Respiration-Electron transport chain
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Unformatted text preview: • Immediate electron source?. ...Oxygen • Terminal electron acceptor. .whats formed?. ...Water • Ultimate electron source?. ...Glucose Photosynthesis 1.light requiring reaction(in thylakoids) A. Absorption of light energy B. Photophosphorylation electron transport and chemiosmosis(energy captured as ATP and NADPH) 2.Carbon Fixation(in stroma) Calvin Cycle What kind of cells carry out photosynthesis? • some Prokaryotic cell • plant cell • algal cell What is the atmospheric CO2 concentration? A little less than .04%...
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