10 - Photosynthesis (only in choloroplasts some plant cells...

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Nucleus Chromatin- DNA and protein make up the chromosomes Nucleolus- site of the ribosome assembly Nuclear envelope with nuclear pores Cytoplasm-has a fluid component that all organisms suspended in the cytosol Endomembrane System Plasma membrane Nuclear envelope Endoplasmic reticulum 1. Rough ER-ribosomes attached to membranes to cytosolic side 2. Smooth ER 3. Lumen=internal space (some proteins are made and pushed through) Golgi complex-packages processes proteins cells made by ER. ..Vesicles Vesicles-little membraneous structures(bubbles) Lysosomes- built by Golgi complex . .no internal structures 1. Apoptosis- programmed cell path 2. Necrosis- unprogrammed cell path Vacuoles 1. versatile 2. apoptosis in plant cells 3. plant cells accumulate waste in vacuoles, makes bitter taste Mitochondria Aerobic cellular respiration Food +oxygen>ATP+carbon dioxide+water
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Unformatted text preview: Photosynthesis (only in choloroplasts some plant cells and algal cells) Cytoskeleton • Non-membraneous • Composed of protein fibers • Microtubules (sliding and bending) 1. tubulin dimers (25 nm diameter) • Microfilaments 1. intertwined strings of actin molecules (7 nm diameter) • Intermediate filaments/fibers 1. strengthen cytoskeleton 2. stabilize cell shape Cilia and Flagella • thin movable structures • project form cell surface • most function in movement Cilia- are short and usually numerous Flagella- are long and commonly single 9+2 Structures Centrioles Groups of 3 (9X3 structures) Interphase first gap g1 cell grows and prepares for s phase synthesis phase DNA synthesis Second gap phase protein synthesis increases prep for cell division...
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10 - Photosynthesis (only in choloroplasts some plant cells...

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