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bio - react with the hemoglobin in the patients urine We...

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Edahn Lehr October 4, 2010 F5 Assignment-Lab 3 Biological Molecules 1.DNS, and it reacts with the carbonyl group 2.Bieuret regant, it bonds with peptide bonds 3.(2.3mg/mlx=.19/.77 x=.11 mg/ml. 4. Yes, patient 3 had hemoglobin. You could have quantified it by putting the sample in the spectrometer and checking its absorbance. The blank would contain water and a reagant that would
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Unformatted text preview: react with the hemoglobin in the patients urine. We would use 540 nm as the wavelength 5.The DNS reagant calibrates absorbance of the spctrometer to 0 with the respect to DNS reagant so the abosrbance of DNS reagant doesnt interfere with the data. 6.(Solomon,Berg,Martin, 2008) 7.It would be found in the discussion section 8.Materials and Methods section....
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