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7 - Nucleic Acid-DNA genetic material…RNA… Life Build...

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2cellular level-atoms and molecules for organelles cell theory-overarching explanation for a wide-range of facts viruses don't have same attributes as a cell cells : 1) are the basic units of organization and function in all living organisms 2) all cells come from pre-existing cells 3) all living cells have evolved from a common ancestor Metabolism-sum total of all the cell activities that go on within an organism…chem activities in a cell are the metabolism o f the cell Anabolism- synthesis or making things..ex.lipids…proteins Catabolism-breaking things down Water can be characterized : 1) Hydrophobic- having little to do with water 2)Hydrophilic- - strong affinity 2 water Why are ions important? Its charged Anions-negative Cadions -postive Carbs-hydrophilic Lipids-hydrophobic Proteins-both…almost all enzymes are proteins…almost everything catalyzed by an enzyme..metabolism in specific direction…makes everything move fast
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Unformatted text preview: Nucleic Acid-DNA genetic material…RNA…. Life- Build Itself, Renew Itself, Expands Itself Selective Selection Energy Transformations-usually in a form thats not immediately usable Inormation Storage and Retrieval SYstems Flow of info….DNA>RNA>Proteins Reproduction- A-sexual and B-sexual Cells: Unity-cells initially seem dissiamal actually have fundamental features in common Diversity-not at all identical Energy Transformation and Information are both required to work…inter-related Evolution is what makes living thing make sense The Plasma Membraneallows for selective movement for things to move in and out of cell Cell Wall-only some cells-Cellulose anpollysacharite…form strong cell walls in acteria fungi and plant cells Prokaryotes-first to evolve Eukaryotes-we have . .EU= true or good…KAry-little piece of grain(nucleus) a true nucleus Pro mean before so before there was a nucleus...
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