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Sept.21 Bio - • structural components • cell regulators...

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Carboxyl group R-COOH>R-COO^- HOOC-R>^-OOC-R Amino Phosphates Sulfydral – helps stabilize the internal structure of proteins Monomers(small subunit) linked by condensation reactions Polymers broken down by hydrolysis reactions Carbohydrates Apx ratio: 1 carbon: 2 hydrogen: 1 oxygen Monosaccharides Disaccharides Polysaccharides Aldehyde sugar Ketone sugar Proteins polypeptides-long polymers of amino acids(monomers) joined together by peptide bonds many functions enzymes
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Unformatted text preview: • structural components • cell regulators Levels of prtein organization Primary linear sequence of amino acids in polypeptides amino acids joined by peptide bonds Secondary protein backbone-everything except R groups very regular repeating structure hydrogen bonds between backbone elements are responsible for secondary structure Tertiary Quaternary Lipids- store energy(triacylglycerol) and are the main structural components of cell membranes...
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