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Introduction to Scientific Computing Course Description J.R. Gladden Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Mississippi V.6, Oct. 20, 2009 Course Description and Motivation This is a course targeted toward upper level undergraduate majors and graduate stu- dents in the physical sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Engineering, ...) and mathematics. The purpose of the course is to provide these students with a coherent picture of the role of computers in the sciences as well as the practical skills they will need if they choose to pursue further graduate study or take technical jobs in the private sector. The role of computers in science is, of course, an enormous topic with many highly specialized niches. This course will focus on what one might call a “base level of knowledge” which most professional scientists will be expected to have. It also will provide a good starting point from which a more advanced course or self-study may follow.The course will be offered at the 500 level (503) through the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Students will not be required to know computer programming before the course, however they should be comfortable with the use of computers. They also must also have had at least 2 semesters (3 preferably) of calculus. This will be a very practical course in the sense that students will learn skills which they can immediately apply in their other courses or professional endeavors. For some topics, designing proper computational tools requires an understanding of the mathematics behind them.
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