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hw3_soln - sum =-1(term 1*x*n/float(fact(n term =1 return...

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#Solutions to HW03 by JRG from pylab import * def fact(n): ''' Recursively computes n! = n(n-1)(n-2)(n-3). ..(1) ''' nbang=n if n==0: return 1 nbang*=fact(n-1) return nbang def taylorSin(x,N): ''' Approximates sin(x) using a Taylor series expanion up to the Nth term. ''' sum=0.0 term=1 for n in range(1,N+1,2):
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Unformatted text preview: sum+=(-1)**(term+1)*x**n/float(fact(n)) term+=1 return sum #Main Program x=linspace(-np.pi,np.pi,100) plot(x,sin(x),'k-',label='Exact',lw=3) for ni in [3,5,7,9]: plot(x,taylorSin(x,ni),label='N=%i'%ni) ylim(1.2,-1.2) xlabel('X') ylabel('Sin(x)') legend()...
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