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Physics 503: Scientific Computing Homework #6 Topic: Regression Due: Thurs. Mar. 11 by the beginning of class - DON’T forget to include output and plot printouts! (please email your code to [email protected] ) Assignment 1. Get to work on your midterm project! 2. Download some experimental data from my website (using url library or just right-click and save the file). This data shows equilibrium dynamics by measuring a vibrational frequency versus time. Perform a non-linear fit to the data using the following non-linear model: f ( t ) = A 1 e t τ + f 0 where A , , f o are free parameters. Use the curve_fit() function in scipy to fit this model to the data and report the values of these parameters (make sure to include units!). Of particular interest is the time constant. Plot the fitted model and data together on a plot with appropriate labels and a legend. 3.
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