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lec13_nonlinear_fitting - chisqr...

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from pylab import * from scipy.optimize import curve_fit def avg(x): return sum(x)/float(len(x)) def sst(x): sum=0.0 xbar=avg(x) for i in range(len(x)): sum += (x[i]-xbar)**2 return sum def ssr(x,y,model,params): sum = 0.0 for i in range(len(y)): sum += (y[i] - model(x[i],*params))**2 return sum def funct(x,a,k,tau,phi): return a*exp(-x/tau)*sin(k*x+phi) # errs=0.4 #Generated simulated data par=[2.,3.0,4.0,0.5] xdata=arange(0,10,0.2) ydata=funct(xdata,*par)+errs*randn(len(xdata)) #initial guess for parameters par0=(10.5,100.0,1.0,0.1) #Perform fit fit=curve_fit(funct,xdata,ydata,p0=par0) #Parse output and extract some statistics fitparams=fit[0] a_fit=fitparams[0] k_fit=fitparams[1] tau_fit=fitparams[2] phi_fit=fitparams[3] #Fit statistics cov=fit[1] #Covariance matrix dof=len(xdata)-len(fitparams) #degrees of freedom chisqr=ssr(xdata,ydata,funct,fitparams) #chi-square is sum of squares of diagonal covariance errbars=20 #Computer uncertainties in estimated parameters from covariance matrix and reduced
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Unformatted text preview: chisqr del_A=sqrt(cov[0,0]*sqrt(chisqr/dof)) del_omega=sqrt(cov[1,1]*sqrt(chisqr/dof)) del_tau=sqrt(cov[2,2]*sqrt(chisqr/dof)) del_phi=sqrt(cov[3,3]*sqrt(chisqr/dof)) #Error in parameter p[i] is then: cov[i,i]*sqrt(chisqr/dog) #Generate fit curve xfit=linspace(min(xdata),max(xdata),100) yfit=funct(xfit,a_fit,k_fit,tau_fit,phi_fit) #Plot it all plot(xdata,ydata,'o',label='Data') plot(xfit,yfit,'-',label='Fit') xlabel('Time (s)') ylabel('Amplitude (cm)') legend() print 'Fit Results (error)' print '+'*30 print 'A= %2.3f +/- %1.3f cm' % (a_fit, del_A) print 'omega= %2.3f +/- %1.3f Hz' % (k_fit, del_omega) print 'tau= %2.3f +/- %1.3f sec' % (tau_fit, del_tau) print 'phi= %2.3f +/- %1.3f radians' % (phi_fit, del_phi) r=sqrt(1.0-ssr(xdata,ydata,funct,fitparams)/sst(ydata)) rsq=r**2 print '+'*30 print 'Correlation Coefficient (R^2): %2.3f' % rsq...
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  • Spring '09
  • Gladden
  • Subroutine, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, Covariance and correlation, Covariance matrix, return sum def, print print print

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lec13_nonlinear_fitting - chisqr...

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