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Physics 503: Introduction to Scientific Computing Mid Term Project Due date: March 25 Description This is the first of two projects you will need to complete (each worth 40% of your grade) for the course. You should address a central theme (problem to solve) in your project which requires several computational aspects (see examples below). The project will have two components: 1. a body of working code in a language of your choosing, 2. a narrative (paper) which describes the science/mathematics behind the central problem, an explanation of the computational methods you chose to solve the problem, and summary/explanation of the results including comments about efficiency and comments on accuracy. The narrative should be around 4 pages double space not including graphs. You also might consider doing a project which could be extended into a final project. Clearly state the goals of “Phase 1” (the midterm part) and “Phase 2” (the final part). The final project will not be more involved than the midterm. Topics
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