lab02_univstat - Geog 503. Practical Geostatistics...

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Unformatted text preview: Geog 503. Practical Geostatistics & $ % Univariate Statistics Functions : read.table, points.geodata, hist, summary, sort, approx, runif, qqplot, rnorm, stem Data Files: walkerLake sample.txt You will be putting in practice most of the concepts discussed in the class using the Walker Lake Data set, see Isaaks and Srivastava (1989): An introduction to Applied Geostatistics . Download the data file required in this Lab from UBlearns. File walkerLake sample.txt contains 4 columns, including x,y coordinates and two metal concentration values. Import the data file into R workspace using > walksample = read.table(walkerLake sample.txt,header=TRUE) . Scattered sample data visualization 1. The actual sample measurements are stored in columns #3 and #4 of array of walksample , and columns #1 and #2 contain the coordinates of the sample locations. The actual meaning of each variable does not matter, because we will assign different meanings to them depending on the context of each exercise. Lets assume that the first measurements (column #3) are realizations of the variable Z and the measurements in the column #4 are the realizations of the secondary variable Y ....
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lab02_univstat - Geog 503. Practical Geostatistics...

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