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Biology Lab 6A prelab - a virus acts as a vector(carrier to...

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Robert Wu AP Biology Lab 6A Transformation Prelab Questions Read the APBiology Lab manual and the pBlu Transformation lab procedure and then answer the following questions. 1. What is a plasmid and where is it found in nature? A plasmid is a small, circular DNA molecule that carries genetic information and is extrachromosomal because they exist separately from the chromosome. Plasmids may either replicate when the bacterial chromosome replicates or replicate on their own. Plasmids are found either as single copies or multiple copies within bacterial cells depending on their mode of reproduction. 2. What type of plasmid carry genes for antibiotic resistance? R plasmids 3. List three ways in which genes can be transferred between bacteria and describe each way: a) Conjugation genetic material transferred from one bacterium to another during a mating process b) Transduction
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Unformatted text preview: - a virus acts as a vector (carrier) to transfer small pieces of DNA from one bacterium to another c) Bacterial Transformation – transfer of genetic information into a cell by direct uptake of DNA 4. What term refers to a time when bacterial cells are able to take up or accept DNA? competent 5. What type of bacteria will be transformed in this lab? E. Coli 6. How much cold calcium chloride will be added to each tube? 250 microliters 7. What will be used to add about 10ul of plasmid DNA to the tube? micropipette 8. To which tube will plasmid DNA be added? Tube + 9. How long you “heat shock” the tubes and at what temperature? 90 seconds & 42 degrees Celsius 10. Once tube has incubated on ice, what will be added to the tube? 250 microliters of Luria-Bertani broth 11.How many nutrient agar plates will are required for this investigation? 4...
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Biology Lab 6A prelab - a virus acts as a vector(carrier to...

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