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According to the expected data, what is the effect of boiling the chloroplasts on the reduction of DPIP? 4- According to the expected data, boiling chloroplasts will decrease the rate of reduction of DPIP. This is because chloroplasts are less effective at transferring and energizing photons and therefore reducing NADPH, or DPIP in this case. In this experiment, DPIP served as the electron acceptor at the end of the electron transport chain of photosystem I. As more electrons are passed down the ETC of photosystem I to DPIP, DPIP changes color from blue to colorless. But boiling affects the efficiency of the chloroplasts in absorbing and transferring electrons and thus limits the reduction of DPIP. In this experiment, the test tube with boiled chloroplasts possessed the lowest transmittance because the DPIP in this test tube was reduced the least when compared to the other three test tubes. What reasons can you give for the difference in percentage transmittance between the live chloroplasts
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