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Robert Wu AP Biology Physiology of the Circulatory System Lab 10 A and B Prelab Questions 1. What is the objective of Part 10A? The objective of Part 10A is to learn how to measure blood pressure 2. Pulse rate will be measured in Part 10B. List the four conditions under which the pulse rate will be measured. Standing, reclining, after baroreceptor reflex, during and immediately after exercise 3. Which side of the mammalian heart receives deoxygenated blood from body tissues and pumps it to the lungs? Right 4. To which side of the heart is oxygenated blood is pumped from the lungs so that the heart can pump the blood to body tissues? Left 5. What instrument is used to measure arterial blood pressure? Sphygmomanometer 6. What are the sounds of Korotkoff? How are these sounds created? The sounds of Korotkoff are heart sounds produced when a sphygmomanometer cuff cuts off the flow of blood in the arteries of one’s arm and blood gradually starts flowing faster through one’s artery as the cuff gradually deflates. These sounds are created as the pressure in the cuff
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