Biology Transpiration Lab 9A

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anspiration 9A Lab Conclusions According to my water loss readings for normal plant conditions, high humidity, high wind, and high temperature and light, more water is lost through transpiration as time elapses. In addition, differences in the environment of the experimental plant influence water loss through the stomata of the plant. The normal trend of time versus water loss generally resembled a straight line with a slope of one and supports my conclusion that a direct correlation exists between time and temperature. The trend of time versus water loss for high humidity also possesses a direct trend between time and temperature but the trend is, overall, more gradual. This is because water allows moves from a high to low water potential and a humid environment raises the water potential of the environment of the plant. As a result, water will move at a slower pace from the xylem of the plant to the plant’s environment when a plant is placed in a humid environment. Compared to the variations in water loss each five minutes for normal conditions and a plant
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