Biology Transpiration Lab Abstract

Biology Transpiration Lab Abstract - Abstract By Robert Wu...

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Unformatted text preview: Abstract By Robert Wu The objective of the Transpiration 5A Lab was to determine the rate of cellular respiration at either 10° C or 25° C in germinating and non-germinating seeds. To compare different rates of cellular respiration in 10° C, our group compared the oxygen utilization of both germinating and non-germinating seeds in 10° C water. We hypothesized that more oxygen will be used in germinating seeds than in dormant seeds. Seeds that use more oxygen will carry out more cellular respiration. To perform the experiment, our group first counted out 25 germinating and non-geminating seeds and measured the volume of the germinating and non-germinating seeds with displacement. We made up the difference in volume between germinating and non-germinating seeds because volume is directly related to temperature, according to the ideal gas law (PV = nRT) and temperature is not the independent variable in this experiment. Three vials with absorbent cotton, the strong base KOH, and non-absorbent cotton on the bottom...
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