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2. Both the germinating and non-germinating (dormant) seeds consumed oxygen as the experiment progressed. Nevertheless, according to our group’s data, germinating seeds used relatively more oxygen than non-germinating seeds and the trend of oxygen usage over time was less gradual in germinating seeds when compared to non-germinating seeds. This experimental data indicates that germinating seeds possessed more cellular respiration activity than non-germinating when one takes into consideration that oxygen usage is directly proportional to cellular respiration activity. 3. The conditions that must have remained constant in this experiment were pressure, volume, and
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Unformatted text preview: temperature. According to the ideal gas law (PV =nRT), pressure and volume are directly related to temperature while pressure and volume are inversely related to each other. As a result, precautions were taken in order to eliminate or minimize the effect of changes in these conditions. Before we placed our vials in our water, for example, we waited seven minutes so that the pressure in each vial could equalize. In addition, ice was added whenever possible when the temperature rose and our group avoided affecting our volume readings by accidently hitting the table....
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