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Robert Wu The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Water Motif Paragraph 6/3/09 Period 8 In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, T. S. Eliot illustrates the life of a man called J. Alfred Prufrock who shuns social interaction with women. J. Alfred Prufrock depicts the Modern man as a man with intelligence yet without the ability to overcome social or sexual anixoties. By incorporating the motif of water or a symbol of life, Prufrock depicts himself as the lowest of the low. Prufrock, for example, compares himself with a cat yearning for physical touch that ends up in drain pools in line 15 to 20. In these few lines, the cat representative of Prufrock moves from the window-panes where it may be noticed to the drain where it will less likely be noticed. The fact that the cat ends in a pool from a waste drain demostrates Prufrock’s lack of respect for himself. Later, in lines 73 and 74, Prufrock personifies himself as an insect that scuttles across “the floors of silent seas.” Not only does Prufrock believe
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