Hisotry Chapter 8 Summary

Hisotry Chapter 8 Summary - Robert Wu Mr. Riotto US I GL AP...

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Robert Wu US I GL – AP Mr. Riotto 11/16/08 The purposes of the second continental congress were to choose a commander in chief (George Washington) and promote better relations with Britain. George Washington served as a moral force and possessed great leadership rather than a real military genius. Before the actual war, the continental congress acted on a contradictory basis evident in Bunker Hill, Olive Branch Petition, and conquest of Canada. Bunker Hill motivated George III to reject to Olive Branch Petition which contributed in part to the Patriot attempt to capture Canada. Americans still did not break away from England because loyalty was still strong while colonial unity was weak and rebellion amounted to treason. British acts such as the burning of Falmouth, Maine and then of Norfolk, Virginia, their response to the OBP, and George III’s hiring of Hessians strengthened the Patriot war effort. Propaganda, namely Common Sense by Thomas Paign in 1776, promoted independence from Britain as well as a republican form of government. In the second meeting of the 2 nd Continental Congress, Henry Lee proposed an idea widely received by the congress’s representatives: independence. One month later, the Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence consisting of five parts was approved by Congress. The
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Hisotry Chapter 8 Summary - Robert Wu Mr. Riotto US I GL AP...

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