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History Chapter 1 Questions - Robert Wu Textbook Supplement...

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Robert Wu Textbook Supplement Chapter 1: New World Beginnings Period 5 – US I AP GL Mr. Riotto 1- How might we explain the attitudes of Renaissance-era Europeans towards the newly discovered Indians? Was the concern for Christianizing the Native Americans sincere? In general, Renaissance-era Europeans believed the Indians were inferior barbarians incapable of learning. Multiple things contributed to the biased European view towards Native Americans. First, not that many primary source letters describing the Indians existed at the time but secondary sources existed in abundance. This is evident in how each illustration provided depicted Indians without any clothes on. Secondly, society greatly played in part in European perspective of the Indians. Sepulveda, who was a greatly educated and respected man of his time, “relied heavily on the classical distinction between civilized Greeks and barbarians. In a letter, Sepulveda criticized the Indians for their organization system which called for the divisions of all lands between a king and his subjects and heavy taxes imposed by the king. Different ways and organization structures such as this one created disdain for the Indians in the eyes of learned scholars. Europeans were very serious about Christianizing Native Americans.
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History Chapter 1 Questions - Robert Wu Textbook Supplement...

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